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The Campus 36, Kabarsiran rd, off James Gichuru rd, Nairobi, Kenya.
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BPOAK’s vision is to become the leading African BPO destination. In light of this, it seeks to collaboratively work with relevant stakeholders to improve the business climate for the sector’s sustainable growth. In addition, the Association is seeking to enhance sector recognition and competitiveness domestically and internationally. BPOAK envisions the industry becoming a sustainable pillar of Kenya’s economy, including creating quality jobs for its citizens. BPOAK is a member of the Kenya Private Sector Association (KEPSA).

Pillar 1: Destination Kenya Marketing

To promote the BPO sector's domestic and international recognition and enhance its presence and competitiveness in new markets and emerging technologies.

Pillar 2: Enabling Sector Policy

To provide a voice for the industry
in lobbying regulatory and statutory bodies in order to create an
enabling business environment for our members along the value chain.

Pillar 3: Building Capacity & Infrastructure

Working with relevant stakeholders
to build capacity and infrastructure for the
sector's sustainable growth

Why Kenya?

The Silicon Savannah

The fundamentals are in place for Kenya’s BPO services to become the largest export industry.

High-quality internet

Kenya provides low-cost, high-speed internet connectivity throughout the East African region via eight submarine fiber optic cables.

English workforce

Kenya has a large availability of highly skilled, English-speaking talent who speak with a more neutral accent making its citizens suitable for call center jobs and other client-facing outsourcing duties.

Digital skills workers

Kenya's growing pool of skilled digital freelancers accredited to the Ajira Digital Program training. As of 2022, there were 1,933,011 million digital workers working either as freelancers or in BPOs

Education levels
Kenyans are well-educated youth with at least 100,000 graduating from universities annually
Affordable cost labor
The labor in Kenya is cheap and can potentially reduce the operational costs of global source market companies.

Number of submarine fiber cables landing in Kenya


Number of digital workers in Kenya


Number of youth graduation from university annually


Kenya’s Africa ranking for its English Proficiency


Kenya’s Global ranking for its English Proficiency

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